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Cyanoacrylates – Are generally fast setting glues (5-60 seconds). Most have a short shelf life (1 month, opened and unopened). Most have no Shear strength. Most holds up to 25 lbs. in pressure. Some are toxic. Many dry cloudy in color and are not waterproof. Most are fine for one time use on household items.But Sinbad Cyanoacrylates Glues have a long shelf life (3years, opened and unopened bottle). It Has Shear strength (1,000 lbs. after cures). Holds up to 2,000 lbs. It is Non-toxic. Dries clear and is waterproof.It takes an average person 3 years to use up the glue.Works on metal, rubber, vinyl, glass, wood, leather, stone, fiberglass, Cork, Canvas, Etc.Epoxies – Are slow setting glues but have enormous strength (over 2,000 lbs.). Usually requires mixing two materials together, this can be a problem what-ever you don’t use must be through away. The surface must be clean before applying the epoxy. Some are oil and gas Resistant. Sets up in 5 minutes, low heat (up to 225F).Dry time 12-24 hrs. Toxic.Works on Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Pot Metal, Fiberglass and Stone. Most will not work on plastics.Methacrylate – Are slow setting glues with enormous strength (over 2,000 lbs.).  Will do everything the epoxy does but you do not need to clean the surface. It will go through oil, grease, resin.Sets up in 15 minutes, high heat (225-425F).Dry time 12-24 hrs. Non-toxic.Works on metal, stone, fiberglass, plastics, wood, etc.Glue Gun Dispenser is needed (to mix A & B equally).Polyurethanes – Are generally used on wood, carpet and upholstery, due to its watery base. They are slow setting, and will not dissolve the upholstery or carpet. However most expand during curing, this allows the glue to fill in all the cracks & crannies in the wood and vinyl flooring. Dry’s brown. Toxic, do not use near skin (jewelry).Fabric Glue – These glues are designed for hemming and patching for most types of fabrics (cotton, demon, polyester, silk, satin, vinyl, linen, etc.). Some are machine washable, but most you can-not put into the dryer (our Unique Stitch you can put in the washer & dryer). Most dry hard and brittle and some bleed through the fabric.Our Unique Stitch dries flexible and will not bleed through the fabric. Also some fabric glues dry yellowish our Unique Stitch dries nice and clear. 

Sinbad Cyanoacrylate glues


Glue Name     Gripes   Cures     Usage

  1. Sinbad Filler Glue 5 Seconds1 hr.Cracks, Holes, Leaks
  2. Sinbad Glue 30-60 seconds 1-8 hrs.Metal, Rubber, VinylSinbad Glue & Accelerator Aluminum30-60 seconds8-24 hrs.Plastics, Pewter, Glass
  3. Sinbad Glue Gel 45-60 seconds8-12 hrs.Wood, Leather, Cork Canvas, plus works on everything Sinbad Glue does, also needs accelerator with plastics, pewter, glass, aluminum.Sinbad Glue Gel-2 grams3 minutes8-12 hrs.Wood, Leather, Cork, Canvas, plus everything Sinbad Glue works on, also needs accelerator with plastics, pewter, glass, aluminum. The grip time is longer so you have more time to move it the item around. The chart is a guide used for average item’s, it does not take in consideration conditions such as oil, dirt, rust and material defects.

Gluing Tips

Clean the surface of the material (free of oil, grease, rust).

We do not have to worry about the inside nozzle because it has a Pin in the cap: But we do have to worry about the outside of the nozzle. Place a little of the Sinbad gloves around the outside of the nozzle before you use the glue then wipe it off when you get done. This way the nozzle won’t get a build-up and you won’t glue the top onto the lid.

Keep glue in the refrigerator.

Keep in mind the Sinbad Glue Dries clear.

Water resistant.


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Sinbad glue stuck like glue, Adhesives,Tapes are slime without glue,glue slime as in elmer's glue and gorilla glue. 

Starter Kit is a basic Sinbad Super glue.


The company cannot be held responsible for injuries or damage to individuals (including third parties) that may arise from the improper use of Sinbad Glue. Even though Sinbad Glue is a non toxi bio-degradable Glue.

1. Never inhale the vapors from the glue.

2. Use in well ventilated working areas.

3. Do not swallow the glue.

4. Avoid contact with the skin and eyelids.

If the glue should get into the eyes flush with liberally with eye wash and call 911.

In case of skin contack wash the area with hand cleaner or warm soapy Water.

5. Keep out of reach of children.

Sinbad Glue is not normally sold through retail stores, please feel free to contact us to place an order or to speak with one of our technical staff regarding special applications.

Sinbad "Super" glue has a wide range of glueing Kits to meet your glueing needs. 

Value Pak-is a complete pak for all your glueing needs. This is the best buy for your money.

Starter Kit-is a basic kit for glueing two pieces together.

Sinbad glue is used in Households, Automotive, Marine, RV"s and Hobbies!

Note: Sinbad Glue is not Super Glue, nor 

Max 1 glue or the Last glue, it is Sinbad Super Glue/German Glue.

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